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I'll have to make a hard decision soon too.

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I know some speakers manufacturers recommend this action to fine Tallahassee lonely wives bass response in difficult rooms. Hope you enjoy and I know you will your new speakers. It has a very full bass and personally I would like to tighten that up to get a bit more 'thud' in the kick drum.


RegisAM But back in the real world, I only have a 3. Anyway, just got a ring from the dealer, apparently he cannot make the delivery tonight. So there will be incredibly long wait times to get in to see social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. But certain musical aspects begin to disappear noticed mostly with the MAC.

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The 's do one of the best jobs of mating together fgeak different speakers. But I use mind for stereo listening and that's when the bi-amp thingy changes things.

Hope it will perform in my room. But time is running out.

I would be hard pressed to be able to explain the difference in words But for whatever is laning by bi-amping, something is also lost. ChasAM Ngccglp, maybe you could bi-amp them with some nice subs to inprove the LF definition. Please also call Governor Whitmer as well and ask her to off on HB and oppose these rule changes.

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I'm not sure if it's just the active crossover ashly or what. So I can only get it tomorrow. Great Idea!

If any of you have these politicians who are friends of yours, it wouldn't hurt to reach out to them and share your concerns. Use the H's as your subs if you can't get hold of or build a pair of C's.

Ditchoff, pamela (jane)

Fr borrow my sis digi cam and take some nice shots asap! I was surprised by the spec that this baby can go down to 30Hz.

But once active x-over is pansing, you will probably face the difficult task of getting the two drivers to be coherent again. Maybe see if you can "test drive" them for a few days before you buy.

From my brief encounter with theI know it will take quite a bit of effort to realize its full potential in my room, not impossible, but need effort. In comparison, the S is almost like 'plug and play'.

That's another thread, tho. Be patient and think with your head and not your heart.

Looking for a freak in lansing asap

Also, as far as the bass being slow or boomy too many variables there, I don't think they are, BUT it all depends, cables will make a different inside and outroom a difference, placement in the room, on the floor or off, depends, depends depends and I'm not talking diapers here, altho if played to loudly you might need them - ha. I look forward to Loooking the pics!

Looking for a freak in lansing asap

But more importantly something else is lost in IMHO. I personally raise mine off the floor and sometimes use an audioControl equalizer C to "get it right" depends on my mood. Thanks for your help in awap. If this bill passes, the need for LARA to rewrite the rules will disappear and we will be safe to continue our practices.

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Altho my ears must not be as good as ngccglp's too many concerts or Lkoking over the years as the bass never bothered me. I can vary the air resistance by varying how tightly I stuff the port.

Looking for a freak in lansing asap

Please post some pics of the S when you have a chance! Thanks and good night. First of all, I am asking everyone to pray that this bill passes swiftly so that we can all continue on as normal. Seems like I may have to settle for